The Body  Shop

Working in collaboration with The Body Shop brand and around the idea of Circular Economy and responsible design. Stage one of this project started from exploring different shops around London and extracting representative elements from them and creating a 3D  spacial narrative. The second stage involved further analysis of the brand and understanding the mindsets of shoppers. The physical result is a packaging product which would be created from coffee leftovers has groves which project light from a candle inside.  The grooves can be logos of different campaigns or ingredients of products. In the third stage, Waterloo station was selected as a space for a pop-up stand which has the purpose of creating brand and circular economy awareness. The last stage involves creating a brand pavilion at the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire.  


• Packaging

• Pop-up Shop

• Brand Pavilion


• Waterloo Station

• Wilderness Festival


FInal University Year